It’s my word against yours

I have an unbelievable knack to overthink everything and an unreasonable inability to share those thoughts with anyone.  So! In my own words, I can drone on and on about nothing-sometimes.  So! I realize I need MyChel to make sure my words are properly punctuated – not grammertized.  I am of the firm belief that if you’re going to write it, it should be done with a fine rapier point. “Sword point or Missile?” she whispered under her breath.  “What are you doing?” I scream out in pain, “You’re changing my words, it changes the meaning”.  MyChel replied, “You write like your hacking at the story with a rusty axe”.  So!  But?  Oh!  Hey!  What you’re saying are my words are rich but they just slide right off the page if they are not properly punctumacted (leave it.  It’s a word).



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