A parent knows their child, innocent or guilty, they know their heart, they helped develop that heart, either by allowing nature to take its course or by nurturingly giving.  You will protect that child against any forces good or evil, inside their own home or out and hopefully, for their own good.  A child looks like us, may act and talk like us as we try to lead them by example.  We give them all the instruction we can throughout their lives, wanted, needed, received or squandered but we hold close, cherish memories and hopes for their future.  We as parents have faith that God will watch over them, guide and protect them, where we may have fell short, can’t see or reach.

God knows our heart, no matter how we may act out, or deny him.  Who do we look like?  God made us in his image.  Not a white haired old bearded man, we are the only ones limited to that ideal and this earth suit.  He made us with the desire to seek out his counsel, where we so freely gave and sometimes shoveled to ours.  He created life and all that we need here to create whatever it takes to live it.  He gave us his word that we may have instruction.  He gave us his son that we may be lead by example and he watches over us, cares for us, provides for us, whether we like it, want it or not.  I for one, desire to know him, to be like him, and have a natural curiosity for those that brought us.



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