Up Yours

If you have ever had a gnat fly up your nose, remember that feeling as I tell you the following;  Elephants are scarred to death of mice, have you ever wondered why such a large pachyderm would have such a reaction to a minuscule rodent?  Like you, I don’t have a six foot long snout but just imagine reaching down to slurp up a little H2O or hay even and a vicious rat or mouse runs up your six foot nose, I don’t mean from the outside, I mean internally.  Ripping and scratching your snouts soft inner lining, you begin slapping your six footer against a tree trunk, rock, anything to get that thing to come out and then, your eyes bug out, when you realize if it doesn’t come flying out you’re going to have to deal with it when it pops into your mouth.  Being a vegan, do you chomp it?  Can an Elephant spit?  I don’t think so.  In evolutionary history this may have only ever happened to one Elephant but there were witnesses, Elephants have a long memory too and evidently they can spin a good yarn because they all know.


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