While visiting my mom and coming back from dinner one night, I was sitting in the backseat of my truck and looking down at my legs. I remember seeing those legs much smaller dangling over my bedside and big crocodile tears swelling up in my eyes. With my wife driving and my mom riding shotgun, I said, “Mom there’s something I never told you about when I was young”. “Oh no” my mom said. Well let me tell you, “I recall having horrible, bring a child to tears, pain in my kidneys, deep throbbing pain that got worse every day. Looking back on it now, my kidneys did appear blocked or were shutting down. I grew weaker, sicker and eventually bed ridden. I was only about seven years old for I don’t remember my brother being in the picture yet”. Why I wonder, my mom and dad didn’t take me to a doctor? Instead, my mom called a minister from her church. The Minister came over and both he and my mom knelt by my bed near my feet and they prayed over me. I remember going to sleep that evening, laying on my side and at some point during the night I opened my eyes. Standing beside my bed was what I am now describing as an Angel. It was light white, transparent, with shape but no features that I understood and very large as I remember. It was so close I could have reached out and touched it. I wonder, could it have been delirium or an over active imagination of a child? Why was the Angel there? To heal me, to protect me from the Angel of Death? I can close my eyes even now and see that Angel standing by my side. I looked for a few seconds and don’t remember feeling scared. I remember trying to give a smile and I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep. I imagine a few hours passed by and I opened my eyes again, hoping the Angel was still there and it was! Except the Angel had moved from my side to the end of the bed by my feet. I was definitely not dreaming or delirious. There it stood, plain as day. Again, I looked and gave a small smile and fell back to sleep. I woke sometime later, my room was becoming light with the sun rising. I still remember thinking as I was waking, was the Angel still there this time? It was! It was standing out in the hallway and it was tall as and wide as the door frame. I could tell that my parents door was open. I hoped my mom could see this. Perhaps this Angel wanted my mom to be assured that her prayers had been heard. I still felt tired, I smiled and went back to sleep. When I woke again, I don’t remember hitting the floor running but I was much better with no pain. I am here to tell this. Again I say, I never mentioned this to my parents. Now, riding in the truck, Forty-seven years later I’m telling my mom. She turned in her seat and looked at me and said, “Son, I did see it”. My mom turned back and didn’t say much else. I turned and looked out the window and thought, in a quiet childlike voice, “Mom, I’m OK”. I feel much better now.


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