Shat Shower Shave Shampoo
Shirt Shorts Socks Shoes
(sweats slacks skirt suit)
Sack lunch Soda Sandwich Snacks
SKIDADDLE: Seatbelt stereo steer Shift work
Socialize scrutinize Suggestions SUCCESS
Sidebar: Stress Sadness Soreness Sickness
Sit in your favorite Spot Supper
Sports with buds check the ScoreS and Stats Smokes Sip Some Suds
Catch a show with the spouse or significant other – no slapping stabbing or shooting
SNACKS; sweets Sours salty Spicy
Slip between the sheets Satisfying Sex Snuggling Sheep Sleep Snore
Set Alarm smack the snooze
Stretch and Scratch
Start all over. Six days a week
except Sunday then we should observe the Sabbath with some song. a sermon with scripture Salvation

– poem by Gregory Lee Montgomery



There is a wonderful old building in Covington, Georgia in Bert Adams Scout Reservation, The building is the old dinning hall.  The roof is a suspension roof and was the first of its kind.  I can’t imagine the number of people involved in making that dear old building.  On the inside, when you look up, you can see where the entire ceiling has been layered with wooden slats. At first glance you might think the boards were made of cheap old pine full of knots but take a closer look.  When the men laid those boards (end to end, top to bottom) the oils from their bare fingers absorbed deep into that wood while they lifted, aligned and held them in place to be nailed still.  Over many years dust, learning, and the excitement of summer camps, collected on those oils and today we can see the fingerprints of the sweat and love that went into raising that dear old building coming through.  I always told new scout leaders, teachers and parents, or any body that would listen really, to those correlations.  We may never know how we have influenced the lives of our children, grandchildren or generations to come.  Whether we are there or KNOT, your fingerprints will come through.  Now at this point in my life I wish I could have been there knowing, one of those prints could have been mine but, Oh!, they will

Gregory Lee  Montgomery

Brush Strokes

Braydens Painting 2015.jpeg

Christmas 2015 present from my then 18 month old grandson and artist – Brayden A. Montgomery

Every Experience no matter how early in a child’s life, remembered or not, becomes part of their makeup. Oh why bother, our child is to young, they won’t remember.  When an artist steps back to review their finished work, the world steps forward to view the same.  Look closely to see there are thousands of brush strokes.  Even the artist can’t remember all the strokes, much less their earliest but it took them all to make the art.  Each of us are artisans in our own right.  Our children are our canvas.  When our children and theirs are all grown up not only can we as parents step back, but the world too sees the finished work.  Every experience we share with our child, and every lesson learned is a stroke of that brush, and every missing stroke as well is captured.  – Greg Montgomery